Hometown Heroes: Fatboy’s Pizza Shack

Shortly after Governor Hogan’s Executive Order went into effect, the owners of Fatboy’s Pizza Shack of Frostburg took to Facebook with a solution.

Loving your neighbor

“We want you to know that Fatboy’s Pizza Shack is here to offer you support and hope! As long as our doors remain open, we will do everything within our power to “love our neighbor”, as we always have.

We also understand that some people will simply not be able to afford even $3.99, so effective immediately and until further notice, we will have a “pay us what you can” policy. We will not be holding anyone to our menu prices, if you cannot afford anything, nothing will be required of you. If you can only afford $5 or $10 to feed your family, pay us that. People will simply not go hungry as long as the Lord has trusted us with His resources in the restaurant business.”

With every order that was placed, staff asked the simple question, “The price for your order will be _____. Is that ok?” While the future of the restaurant industry as a whole remains uncertain, Fatboy’s Pizza Shack gave our community a lesson in putting others first that will not soon be forgotten.

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